CemOps Funeral Services
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Funeral Service Analysis

"There is nothing which we receive with so much reluctance as advice."
                                                                                            Joseph Addison

Inspection, Retrospection, Introspection
Comparative Analysis
Location Analysis
Service/Merchandise Analysis
Financial Analysis
Personnel Development/Training
Safety Policies/Procedures/Standards

Drawing on decades of funeral service experience from all regions of the
United States as well as the observation of traditions, values, and needs
expressed by client families in all walks of life, religion, and family
experiences; CemOps offers a true and impartial observation of the level
of quality and delivery of service of your company.  The development of a
comprehensive plan of unsurpassed client family service as well as a true
commitment and focus by all staff members to achieve this goal requires
analytical inspection of all factors involved with the funeral service
experience.  Once all factors are investigated, compared, and determined;
a plan to achieve and implement the suggested strategies is formulated.  
The plan is then discussed, validated, and presented to all effected
personnel.  The success of the plan requires a fresh commitment and
dedication; a willingness to become the premier service provider, a
continued focus on individual client family needs, and educating the
community to all aspects of the company's ability and responsibility in
funeral service.

CemOps provides this impartial inspection, comparison, planning and
training required to raise your company's service perception above and
beyond the competition, with manageable investment and dividend
growth expectations.
In Memory of George Rohrer

George Rohrer   September 7, 1945 - October 21, 2011

George, you developed this page, and it will be on the site in your honor forever.
You were a great friend, a trusted professional, and the best golf partner.
You are missed, my friend.
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