Human Resources Assistance

Your #1 Investment - Human Capital

Beyond the purchase of your locations, your priority
investment  should be in your human capital.

Companies spend countless millions each and every year
recruiting, hiring, training; recruiting, rehiring, retraining,
and the vicious cycle continues.  CemOps can help you
become more proficient at all these functions and insure
retain-ability of those persons you select.

First, looking at the hiring practices is crucial.  How are
recruiting efforts being managed?  What criteria is used to
determine who will be afforded a job offer?  What
questions are being asked to determine the appropriate
skill sets are present and current?  What training is taking
place to bring these folks up to your expectations and keep
them there?  What recurring training is taking place to
maintain their level of expertise and interest?

*A stagnant employee is no good for anyone*

Administrative Personnel

Are these front line participants so detail oriented that any
auditor would be impressed with their work ethic and end
product?  Do they own their positions, or do their positions
own them?

Maintenance Personnel

Same as above, and who trains them?  Who checks up on
them on a continuous basis to insure they are consistently
doing the right things every day, every service, and every
family?  Who insures they are safe in their daily tasks to
protect both them and the people around them.

Sales Personnel

What are your expectations going in with this group?  
What investment are you willing to make in this most
pressured group of professionals?  What criteria do you
have in place to insure accountability?  What rewards
programs are in place to keep them interested?  What are
your training philosophies and backup plans with this
critical group?

Management Team

How was this team picked?  What were the underlying
reasons for the selection of this particular group?  Were
they actively recruited from the field as the select best?  
Are they trained and followed with to insure they are at
their best on a consistent basis?  Do they know how to
appropriately handle complaints and insure consumer
satisfaction, even if the answer is not popular?  Are they
capable of managing the location and keeping your
liabilities down?  Are they the type individual the
remainder of your team will want to follow?

CemOps can help.  We keep your situation completely
confidential, and our only interest is to keep you strong,
out of court, and moving forward in a direction conducive
to best business models.

We can help you establish procedures that work.
We can train your employee/management teams..
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